A photoshoot with a music band can be such a fresh breath for a photographer. Because photographer can be much more creative than in a traditional portrait Fotoshooting. Posing rules can be broken, expressions on the subjects can be much more different than the typical portrait Foto expressions and so on.

Why a photoshoot for a Band?

Music bands need to be actively involved in their music scene to keep their fans informed, sell their records or create a fan basis, if they don’t have already. Music band photos can be used anywhere from social media to printed material like concert flyers etc.

How is a Musician photoshoot different than a portrait photoshoot ?

A portrait photoshoot is mainly done for private purposes. We want to keep records of a certain time or an important moment in our lives and we do that with professional portraits.
Music band photoshoot is basically made for commercial purposes whether it be a website or an album cover. With this reason subjects in front of the camera want to express their brand and / or what they stand for in their photos. Expressions can be quirky, whimsical, funny or however they want to be known for.
In this respect actually a music band photoshoot is like a personal branding photoshoot. Branding is one of the main keywords in a Music band photoshoot.

Branding and Band photo ideas

One step of the process is to sit and discuss together with the band how they want to be seen, what kind of feeling they want to leave with their photos and any other ideas or wishes they have.
This is the pure brain storming and there is no limit to imagination.
After that is the time to see which band photo ideas can be realized and how they should be realized.
This step is very important to prevent the disappointments later. Analyzing exactly, maybe looking at some examples of what they want is a huge step in creating the photos that they will actually like.
Does the music band have brand colours? Do they have a style? Moody, dark images or maybe dreamy, airy style. Whatever it may be, they should be defined before the Band photoshoot.

Purpose of the Music Band Photoshoot

Where to be used

Sometimes they have only purpose: Album cover. Website banner. Or whatever it might be. Where the music band will use their photos will define how they should be photographed during their photoshoot.
Will the band photos be used on the digital world or will they be printed?
If the photos will be printed in huge resolution, it is important to retouch the photos on pixel detail.
If it is only going to be used a Facebook cover, demands are much different. Colour space on the web and on the print are also different and should be taken into consideration when delivering the photos.
Any certain format requirements? Negative space for the marketing photos?
Nowadays everyone knows the size for Instagram or Facebook or website banner are different. I always make sure which format is needed before actually shooting and delivering the photos.

In the next post I will discuss the posing for the musician photoshoot
Until then take a look at the images I created with the band Dead Milly.

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