Ready to apply for a creative job but not sure how eye-catching your CV photo is?

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I remember that time years ago: My friend finally found a job ad in the newspaper – yes, there was a newspaper back then -.

There was not much of an internet back then and the chances to get recognized were a bit more difficult. But there was the ad: Passionate about the work and ready to gain new experiences. They were looking for a fashion designer assistant.

My friend was always organized and disciplined. So she printed her well-prepared CV, cover letter, and printed portfolio.

She had this idea of creating her CV on a piece of linen fabric. I have no idea how she did that. She had attached some pearls on the corners to use them as characters and so on.

It was all nice creative and beautiful. But then something was not right: Her photo on the right corner.
It was a boring headshot photo. In a studio with flat light and gray background.

If the job were an office job or anything like that, it would work. But for a creative job like a fashion designer? No!

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What kind of photo do you need when applying for a creative job?

You need to express your personality, creativity, and your individuality in your photos. You want to look apart from the rest.

How can you achieve that with this one photo on your CV?

1. Props or your tools

Let’s think about some creative jobs now. Photographer, graphic designer, pottery maker, 3-D designer, make-up artist…

The list goes on and on … If you think about it, almost any job can use a related prop for their photos. So one way of using showing your creative job in your photo is to use is a related prop.

If you are a musician, you can use your musical instrument. Maybe you are a painter, then you can bring your brushes and paints.

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Pro-Tip: Make sure that you use your prop original way. A photographer hiding behind her/his camera? A pottery maker holding one of her/his works in front of her face? Those clichés will only make the person who reviews your application think that you don’t have enough confidence to show yourself.


2. Outfit

What we were there tells a lot about who we are. What do you want to express? Do you want to look dramatic? Do you want to look dreamy? Maybe you are a draw animations and you draw fun characters. Or you’re a graphic designer with a certain style. Then the outfits you choose should fit those descriptions.
For example, if you are applying as a fashion photographer, yoga pants with a top will not complement your CV.
Decide on the colors, accessories, and if you are applying, your make-up. Everything should come together to express your style and creativity.

3.  Posing

Posing is especially important in your CV photo. Because you don’t want the typical poses in a normal headshot photo session. You may want to emphasize your relaxed attitude. You may want to show how fascinated you are with makeup. Integrating those points into your photo. It will make your photo distinguished from the others.

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Pro-Tip: Try not to go too crazy! You want to show your creativity but you also want to look like a reasonable person.


4. Lighting

This is something you need to talk about with your photographer. Most of the time the lighting will be soft and gentle for a CV photo. It will hide the flaws and show you in the best light. But sometimes you may want something more dramatic. In this case, as your photographer, your wish and also show her or him some examples.

5. Location

Most photos for job applications are done in the studio. You can also do that. You may consider different options for your background. You may also want to use another location for your background. For example outdoors, where you generally work, or a place that gives the mood you want in your photo. For example, in the background, your drawing tools, your make-up table, your equipment, etc.

Ready for the next steps? Call me for a free consultation or send me an email! I am always happy to work with creatives.




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